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Tilt The Advantage In Your Direction
with the cylinderless NOX Tiltrotator
and the wide product range made by KINSHOFER!

MG Multi purpose grab to handle different loads precisely
Levelling Bar
AVP levelling bar to smoothly distribute and level surfaces
Demolition and Sorting Grab
Demolish, sort and position with the D-HPX-series grabs – with cylinderless HPXdrive
Pallet Fork
Makes your excavator a flexible stapler: the GAF-series. Also available as hydraulic version
Multi Purpose Grab
The ideal combination for landscaping tasks: A-series grabs and NOX Tiltrotator – with HPXdrive or hydraulic cylinder
Excavate narrow or wide trenches or grade surface: no problem with the Kinshofer buckets!
Precise compacting of horizontal or slant surfaces in a twinkling
Clamshell Bucket
A necessity for excavating and loading tasks of all kinds: the cylinderless clamshell bucket with HPXdrive
Demolition and Sorting Grab
Equally fast as easy with the D-series grabs – with hydraulic cylinder
Sleeper Layer
Fast and precise positioning of several sleepers at the same time
Drum Cutter
Optimal immersion into the rock at low vibration and noise
Log Splitter
Directly mounted below the NOX Tiltrotator it turns into each timber, splitting it easily


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